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Mimi's Italian Grill

About Mimi's Italian Grill

Mimi's the one who invites you over, makes you glad you came the moment you arrive, and hopes you came hungry.

Mimi's food has a big Italian heart and you're going to love it - it's simple, playful and satisfying: pastas of all kinds, from old-country spaghettis to fresh ravioli, made by hand and filled with love. Meats and fish grilled simply, from the heart. Pizzas, thin and crisp with happiness. Salads composed with a generous Italian hand. And wine, lots of good wine.

Cheerfully served and deliciously affordable, Mimi's is colour, warmth and energy, inspired by the Mediterranean in all of us and by families and friends who share good times, eat with gusto and are always happy to see you....Ciao!

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  • 366 Bernard Avenue
  • Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Y 6N5