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Designated as an architectural heritage site, this beautiful house was built by Alfredo Biagioni in 1916. He took five years to build it, digging the basement by hand and using his horse, Nelly, to haul it away. He personally selected the stones from the Garnet Valley. The walls are eighteen inches thick which keep it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

The locals believe this house to be haunted...
pic of Stonehouse
inside view Shannon and Claude Ferlizza bought the beautiful Stonehouse Restaurant in 1997. They spent close to a year renovating the original building and adding the extension. Zias opened it's doors in May of 1998. The restaurant has become a popular dining room for local residents and visitors throughout the Okanagan Valley. Zias is soaked with atmosphere which suits both casual and elegant dining. The decor includes old family portraits and a beautiful fire place for the cold winter months. Zias is truly an experience!
  pic of the arbor
interior view Worldly Menu Meets Old-World Charm
An alluring archway of flowers greets you in the front of the old Stonehouse in Summerland

Zias Stonehouse Restaurant opened its doors in 1998, after a year of renovations that transformed the old building into an Italianate utopia that makes for a dreamy visit on a warm, mid-summers eve there's a lot of detail to ponder as you wait for a menu, with sprigs of fresh flowers on each table no two alike; whimsical paintings and portraits adorning the walls, and a romantic balcony-like structure covered with cascading greenery
~ The Okanagan Sunday, July 2000 ~ 


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  • 14015 Rosedale Avenue
  • Summerland, British Columbia, V0H 1Z0