British Columbia Restaurant & Foodservices Association

Restaurant Membership Benefits

Before you decide to join one of the most respected business organizations in the province, please take the time to review our benefits. There is no other association in the province that can promote, protect and support your business like the BCRFA can.

Cost Savings
Save thousands of dollars each year with our cost savings programs. With more than 3000 members, the BCRFA has the power to help you cut costs. From exclusive credit card and payroll processing rates, to discounts on employee health benefits and business insurance, we endeavor to negotiate the best prices on services essential to your business.  Save thousands with our cost savings benefits.



As a member of numerous government advisory boards, the BCRFA not only has expertise in government relations, but also an arena to voice the industry's opinions and suggestions. If there's an issue that you would like to voice your opinion on, don't hesitate to call us at 604-669-2239. The BCRFA is working with government to ensure a strong business environment keeps out industry strong. See how we are protecting your business.
Marketing & Events 

Grow your business and expand your network! We have marketing tools and industry events that help you gain brand awareness for your restaurant. Through Dine Aroundevents, online listings and more, the BCRFA has the abilityto help you increase sales.Learn more about how the BCRFA can promote your business.

Industry Resources and Information

For more than 40 years, the BCRFA has been the province's go-to resource for information on BC's restaurant industry. We have the tools to keep you informed and engaged with the industry, helping you to operate your business with guaranteed success and results. With free HR advice, BCRFA's own restaurant regulations manual, critical industry updates and more, you can't afford not to join. Learn more about our member resources.

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Download  a copy of our restaurant membership application to apply by mail of fax.

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